As a teacher, school administrator or community leader, you know that bullying challenges the stability of the school learning environment. Regardless of whether this dangerous and destructive behavior occurs in the classroom itself, in the hallways or off school grounds – the impact of bullying is clear.

And we know the resource and time limitations you face at today’s resource-strapped schools. That’s why we’re encouraging you to contact us to find out how we can help bring the tangible benefits the programs and service our partners offer to your schools at minimal or no cost.

Whether through corporate sponsorship, charitable foundation funding or local business engagement, we’re focused on helping you find a way to finance effective bullying prevention in your schools.

  • For information on how to bring the HEAR for High Schools or HEAR for Middle Schools bullying prevention presentations to your school, contact HEAR at
  • For information on how to bring robust social emotional learning (SEL) programs that include bullying prevention to your elementary or middle school, contact Committee for Children at
  • To explore how your school district can become a candidate for a student-athlete focused pilot of the HEAR for High Schools and HEAR for Middle Schools programs, please contact us.