Today’s sports industry offers a uniquely powerful platform and an established infrastructure for combatting bullying. The following roles and tasks will be employed in enlisting major sports leagues and student athletes to deliver the benefits of our Founding Partners’ research-based curriculum.

  • Professional athletes, former athletes and coaches visibly engage college and high school athletes and coaches in raising the visibility of bullying as a key problem in their schools and communities.
  • These college and high school athletes and coaches are trained and enlisted as local advocates of bullying prevention education via in-person seminars, webinars and train-the-trainer events.
  • The trained coaches, student athletes and other high-status students then serve as the primary face-to-face instructors of classroom-based bullying prevention education to younger students.
  • This multi-level, student athlete-driven classroom instruction and engagement provides a level of effectiveness that goes beyond that available through teacher- or third party adult-led instruction.
  • This delivery model also significantly lowers the program cost-per student, bringing proven bullying prevention education to a much larger and more diverse universe of students in need.
  • The increased level of student engagement of this approach serves as the foundation for expanding anti-bullying efforts to encompass local market- and school-specific bullying prevention support activities.

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