As a major corporation, local business or online service provider driving the digital economy, you have a responsibility to your customers, your employees and the communities you serve. And you take that responsibility seriously – by supporting noble causes, giving back to your communities and engaging others to do the same.

The Project HEAR US Foundation gives you a uniquely powerful way to impact all these constituents. You can go beyond the laudable efforts that abound to raise awareness of the problem of bullying in our nation’s schools – you can help fund the research-based bullying prevention programs that have been proven to have a meaningful impact on the lives of our youth.

Whether you choose to fund a school, a school district or an entire community, your commitment of financial resources and corporate engagement goes a long way towards improving the lives of our children. At the same time, by giving back to the communities you serve in a measurable, clearly identifiable way, you build and nourish critical bonds between you and your customers.

To find out how your enterprise can become a corporate partner of the Project HEAR US Foundation, please contact us.