Jimmy Shafe



Founder and President
Career Training Concepts, Inc.

Jimmy Shafe is the original force behind the development of HEAR – Helping Everyone Achieve Respect. CTC is a veteran-owned small business with over 43 years of experience in providing training, publications and personnel services solutions that help individuals develop greater life balance between the Spiritual, Family, and Career aspects of their lives. Jimmy grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the son of missionary parents, and continues his missionary work as the Director of Rivers of the World-Congo (ROW-Congo), making regular trips to Congo to work on projects there. He also serves on the board of the North American Liaison Bureau for Congo Protestant University. In 2007, Jimmy founded a School for Single Mothers in central Congo. Many of the students at the school are victims of sexual violence and have been rejected by their families. The school provides literacy training as well as French, math, hygiene and job training.