Bullying affects every aspect of our lives, inflicting tremendous damage to our children, our co-workers and society as a whole. Bullying occurs at virtually every age level and in every social environment, but experts agree that bullying is most prevalent in our schools.

The media is rife with examples of bullying and its often tragic results – verbal abuse, physical abuse, even suicide. Educators, parents and lawmakers across the country recognize this growing problem, and all 50 states have instituted bullying prevention policies for schools. Yet few of these laws and policies provide the funding many schools need to meaningfully address bullying in our schools.

That’s where Project HEAR Us Foundation comes in – our mission is to ensure that educators, students and parents have access to the proven, research-based tools they need to combat bullying in our schools, regardless of the challenging financial and resource constraints faced by today’s primary and secondary school systems.

For more information on the bullying prevention solutions backed by Project HEAR Us, visit HEAR at http://projecthear.us/bullying-solutions/ and Committee for Children at http://www.cfchildren.org/bullying-prevention.