Today’s classrooms are not merely collections of students, but complex mini-communities of young, growing individuals with widely diverse origins, cultures and needs. Delivering the highest quality education possible in these communities is the ultimate goal, and the first step in reaching that goal is to ensure a safe learning environment for all – an environment devoid of threats, insecurities and other obstacles to active student engagement.

The Partners of Project HEAR Us have created research-based solutions that meet the specific needs of elementary, middle school and high school students in combating bullying in their schools – including cyber bullying. All of these solutions combine insight derived from unparalleled research and best practices with real world student engagement. The result is proven, high-engagement classroom-based student engagement that teaches our youth how to identify bullying and what they can do to help.

For more information on the bullying prevention solutions backed by Project HEAR Us, visit HEAR at and Committee for Children at